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  • Composing a title theme for Star Trek: Ajax Currently in pre-production .
  • Composed a teaser/trailer underscore for Star Trek: Origins.
  • Composing music for Star Trek: Potemkin (webisode: "The Void").   Currently in production .
  • Composing music for "The Servant", presented by New Venture Theatre (U.K.) under the direction of Ken Potter.  Currently in production .
  • Composed theme for the 2011 Bermuda International Film Festival (BIFF).
  • Composing music for Star Trek: Lexington (webisode: "All in the Appearances").   Currently in production .
  • Composed music for Star Trek: Potemkin (webisode: "The Old Guys")
  • Composed music for "Maskerade", presented by the Wick Theatre Company (U.K.) under the direction of Anna Quick.
  • Composed music for Where the Whales Sing, a documentary by Andrew Stevenson featured in the The Bermuda International Film Festival.
  • Composed main title theme for Star Trek: New Homelands original web series "Ranger".
  • Composed music for "The Tempest", presented by the The Bermuda Festival for the Performing Arts (Bermuda) under the direction of Joel Froomkin.
  • Composed music for webisode "Institutions" of Star Trek: Federation One (Rob Caves, Executive Producer.)
  • Composed music for "Gaslight", presented by the Wick Theatre Company (U.K.) under the direction of Diane Robinson.
  • Composed music for "Richard III", presented by the Wick Theatre Company (U.K.) under the direction of Bob Ryder.
    (Winner of the Brighton & Hove Arts Council Award for best technical achievement in music and sound)
  • Composed score for He Has Her Heart (feature film), produced by Big Reel Entertainment.
  • Composed incidental music for "Boston Marriage", produced at B.M.D.S., directed by Barbara Jones.
  • Composed score for Dark Quarters (4 short films), produced by Z-Clan. Presented in Bermuda International Film Fesitval, 2005.
  • Composed incidental music for "California Suite", produced at B.M.D.S., directed by Marc Mollica.
  • Composed a theme and incidental music for "Just a Minute", a game show-format production at B.M.D.S.
  • Composed original and adapted music for a stage production of "Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me" at B.M.D.S.
  • Composed original music for "Science-Fiction", presented at B.M.D.S., directed by Jim Brier.
  • Adapted songs by Carl Davis, and composed original material for a stage production of "Love’s Labour’s Lost", presented at B.M.D.S., directed by Jane McCulloch.
  • Composed original music and songs for the short InPhocus: The Bottom Line. The film was selected for the Bermuda International Film Festival.
  • Adapted and composed the Bermuda International Film Festival (BIFF) sponsors’ promotional “trailer”, featured at the start of every film. (Used in all subsequent annual festivals.)
  • Composed original music for a stage production of "Frozen", presented at B.M.D.S.
  • Conducted a full orchestral piece at the Open Air Pops Concerts, performed by the Bermuda Philharmonic Society.
  • Composed original material for a television series About Bermuda pilot episode “The Bermuda Railway”.
  • Arranged and sequenced a song for Mount Saint Agnes Academy (Hamilton, Bermuda) for a student talent-show.
  • Co-arranged and sequenced several songs for the production of "Chorus of Disapproval" at B.M.D.S.
  • Sequenced and co-composed music for the production of Shakespeare’s "Richard III", performed at City Hall, Hamilton, Bermuda.
  • Sequenced an entire musical production of "Oliver!" for Warwick Academy (Warwick, Bermuda).
  • Sequenced and arranging music for, as well as directed, an original production called "The Broadway Masters: A Revue of Modern Broadway", which was presented at B.M.D.S.
  • Composed and music-directed an original musical adaptation of "The Diary of Adrian Mole" for a summer youth programme at the Bermuda Musical & Dramatic Society (B.M.D.S.)