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"California Suite" (2005)

presented by The Bermuda Musical & Dramatic Society
directed by Marc Mollica

composed by Steve Gallant

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Act I, Scene 1: Visitors from New York
  01  Guitar Overture (Vivaldi style)
  02  Bows (Big Band style)
Act II, Scene 2: Visitors from Philadelphia
  03  Guitar Overture (variation 1)
  04  Bows (Rock 'n' Roll style)
Act II, Scene 1: Visitors from London
  05  Guitar Overture (variation 2)
  06  Guitar & choral interlude (scene change)
Act II, Scene 2: Visitors from Chicago
  07  Guitar overture
Extra/Unused Cues
  08  Guitar overture
  09  Bows, Bossa Nova
  10  Bows, Dance/Disco style

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